Gábor Rozsnyai


+36 1 700 4750

Areas of practice:

– Litigation, Dispute Resolution
– Construction
– Nonprofit Organizations
– Civil Law
– Enforcing Settlements, Real Estate Law

Gábor has worked independently and as a member of a Hungarian mid-size law firm for close to 15 years. He has gained significant experience as a solicitor in the fields of corporate and civil law and achieved favorable results in disputes of high value in both ordinary court and arbitration proceedings.

Aside from litigation, Gábor has advised for real estate developments and participated in numerous corporate transactions. He has also advised on investment services, non-profit organizations and enforcing settlements.

Gábor is a founding partner of our firm, is a member of the Budapest Bar Association, and speaks Hungarian and English.

In the past few years, Gábor has acted on numerous important cases, including:

  • Successfully representing local governmental bodies in real estate development and investment disputes
  • Preparing a collective agreement for the printing industry
  • Successfully representing venture capital investment cases in civil court and arbitration
  • Conducting legal due diligence and advising various Hungarian banks
  • Advising NGOs on a broad spectrum of matters
  • Advising on transactions regarding real estate developments
  • Representing and advising on numerous investment service matters
  • Advising in matters regarding winding-up procedures and bankruptcies
  • Providing advice on trademark issues and representing various software-related disputes
  • Advising on and representing libel lawsuits